Nexus Skirmisher  v.0.61

The Skirmisher is a tool, that lets you create skirmish battles for the space real-time strategy game 'Nexus: The Jupiter Incident'. Play against the AI with fully configurable fleets and create exciting new battle scenarios.

Pipeline Plus  v.1 2

Pipeline Plus is a cleverly designed adventure game, based around an intriguing futuristic setting! Main features: -Two challenging adventures, eight large levels in total, set on Callisto and Io, two of the moons of the planet Jupiter.


JupSat95  v.1 14

Calculates and displays the positions of Jupiter's four main (Galilean) moons - Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto for any date and time Provides timezone support based on a PC's time, date and timezone settings and takes account of Daylight Savings

Sky View Cafe  v.3.0.4

Sky View Café is a Java applet that lets you see many types of astronomical information, in both graphical and numerical form.

Amazing Universe Screen Saver  v.1.0

One of the most amazing things in the Universe is to see how more than 100,000 asteroids lie in a belt between Mars and Jupiter. These asteroids lie in a location in the solar system where there seems to be a jump in the spacing between the planets.

PlanetVistas  v.1 6

Planet Vistas renders accurate simulations of the Sun, Moon, planets:Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and their satellites as currently seen from Earth.

Potential Energy in a Gravitational Field  v.1.0

Study potential energy with the help of this simulation. Potential Energy in a Gravitational Field help you simulate lifting a block of adjustable mass in different gravitational fields simulating the gravity of the Earth, the Moon, Mars and Jupiter.

Astronomy Guide  v.

Astronomy Guide provides you a comprehensive and factual source to many aspects of the universe, space and astronomy in general – anything under the heavens! Just how big is Jupiter? Need some fast facts about our solar system? You’ve got it now!

SimSolar  v.2.0

SimSolar - Solar System Simulator for Windows.

MoonWeight  v.1.4

Calculate your weight on every planet in the Solar System, including the moons of Jupiter, the Sun, a white dwarf, and a neutron star.

Gamma Brothers  v.1.0.3

The Gamma Brothers spend their days working in a huge space station near Jupiter.

AirStumbler  v.1.3

Airstumbler is a wireless network discovery tool for Macintosh.

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